Was Start-ups ausbremst


Nur einge von zehn Neugründungen überlebt die estern Janre. Die meisten Gründer übersehen drei wichtige Faktoren

«Tech-un» olam


Technology Start-ups with potential to heal the world were honoured at a glittering ceremony in Malta last week

Win-win in Malta


Global entrepreneurs unite for a tech competition on an ancient island

Cer Prize in Malta


CER Prize: A conference in Malta announcing the winners

Congratulations Cer Prize winners Awards


Malta’s Minister of the Economy: «We will strengthen the ties with Israel»

Cer Prize Award


Malta: The story of the Jewish community in the country

Cer Prize Award


European rabbis hold high‐tech conference in Malta

Enhancing «tikkum olam»


The CER Prize for Tech and Innovation celebrates forces for good

שר הכלכלה של מלטה: מעוניינים לקדם קשרים עם ישראל


בכנס השנתי cer prize של ועידת רבני אירופה שהתקיים במלטה, הצהיר שר הכלכלה המלטיזי סלביו צ’מברי, כי מלטה מעוניינת לקדם קשרים עם ישראל וגילה כי בכוונתו לשגר בקרוב משלחת עסקית לישראל כדי לפעול בכיוון

Conference of European Rabbis Presents Tech and Innovation Prizes in Malta


In Malta this year was held interesting event for Tech startups. We can see great startups in different fields who get awards from Conference of European Rabbis

Billionaire Saban Helps Raise $29 Million for Israeli Troops


Haim Saban has spent a lot of time on the stage of the Beverly Hilton ballroom. For 13 years, the CEO of Saban Capital Group has “schnorred” guests, as he puts it, on behalf of the Israel Defense Forces, emptying their pockets of more than $250 million while he and his wife have given $55 million of their own. He’s done this by calling on friends to stand up at their seats and publicly announce the amount of their gifts. One year, the haul was $31 million, then $37.1 million, with Saban pitching in to bring the total to $38 million. Last year — which was his swan song — it was $60 million.

Conference of European Rabbis stages annual technology awards event under candlelight at Bevis Marks Synagogue


It was a case of old world meets new world as the Conference of European Rabbis held their awards ceremony for their Annual Internet Entrepreneurs Competition at the beautiful Bevis Marks Synagogue. The event, held last year in Paris, aims to recognise innovative new technological and entrepreneurial talent from across the world, which embraces the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam.

Start-up which improves IVF success rates wins tech prize from European Rabbis


An organisation of European rabbis has awarded its annual technology prize to an Israeli start-up that uses Artificial Intelligence and big data to improve couples’ success rates for IVF. The prize was awarded by the Conference of European Rabbis (CER) to Yael Zamir, the chief executive of Embryonics, at a ceremony in Bevis Marks Synagogue in London on Wednesday night.

Die Ehrung geht an eine Entwicklung, die jährlich die Tötung von acht Milliarden Küken verhindern könnte


Die Konferenz der Europäischen Rabbiner (CER) hat drei Jungunternehmer mit einem Technologiepreis ausgezeichnet. Die mit insgesamt 62.000 Euro dotierte Ehrung wurde am Mittwochabend in London verliehen. Mit dem »Annual Internet Entrepreneurs Competition Award« fördert die CER jährlich »eine neue Generation von Jungunternehmern im Bereich Internet und digitale Start-ups, die mit ihren Entwicklungen auch altruistische Motive verfolgen